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We connect young and aspiring music producers to DJs, artists, radio shows and record labels

Share demos/promos
Allowing you to schedule in tracks to your playlists that will automatically remove after a set amount of time, and in any desired position of the playlist! Keep your lists fresh, by automating song positions that change by the day.
Track distribution
Distribute your tracks via HarmonyDrop and see who listened, downloaded or supported your track
See which tracks received the most supports in the past few weeks, view charts by genre or track type
Follow new artists
You can create your own profile and follow the artists you love. You'll receive real-time notifications every time they release a new song, ensuring you're always up to date on the latest music news. Don't miss out on any single or album - sign up today and stay one step ahead of the music you love!
Collaborate with other artists
Whether you're a songwriter, producer or DJ, our platform offers a collaborative environment where you can find other talent to create new songs together. We offer a collaborative and creative environment to bring your music to life. Join us today and discover the potential of musical collaborations!

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Discover new talents

New music is featured on a dedicated page so you can listen to new talent every day, and even schedule songs into your playlists! work with music you really like!

Get more than just visibility!

HarmonyDrop is an innovative platform designed for music artists who want to get more exposure for their tracks. HarmonyDrop is here to help you make your music stand out and reach new levels of visibility. Upload your tracks today and let HarmonyDrop help you grow your audience and get more views than ever.

Upload Your Music!

With our intuitive upload system, you can easily share your music with the world. Upload your favorite tracks, add cover art and provide your information in just a few simple steps. With this quick and user-friendly procedure, we ensure that everyone can enjoy your music in no time. It's the fastest and easiest way to get everyone to listen to your music!

Publish everywhere

Many artists don't take full advantage of social media to promote their releases. Video platforms like YouTube and TikTok are the biggest overlooked opportunities. YouTube is the second largest social platform in the world with nearly 2 billion monthly users, but many artists don't post on it because they don't have a video for their track. Posting a great video on these platforms opens up a whole new audience for your music. If you don't post, you lose new fans and listeners.

Turn your music into a killer video

we turn your music into high-quality videos that capture the essence of your art. we transform your vision into visual reality, capturing your audience's attention and broadening your impact, to bring your music to life through the power of the moving image. Bring your music to life with video productions that leave a lasting impression and increase your online presence.

Bulk Downloads
Download multiple songs in seconds with your phone or browser.
DJ Playlists
Find DJ-approved hits based on genres, themes, and occasions.
Add instant energy to your sets with remixes only found here.
Custom DJ edits including Intro versions, Clean edits, Transition tools, and much more.


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Listen Music Everywhere, Anytime

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If you want to know all the most updated and complete harmonydrop rankings. Just follow the live broadcast every Saturday from 4pm to 5pm to find out the location of the new songs released.

Listen Music Everywhere, Anytime

Listen Music Everywhere, Anytime

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Upload your MP3 files and we’ll keep the quality for both streaming and downloading. Get feedback on your tracks from trusted contributors or the wider HarmonyDrop community.

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